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Have you ever gone to a meeting, or participated in a conference and couldn't take notes because didn't have a notebook?

You thought: "I will take notes on my phone, and then realized the battery is almost gone...

I need a journal, a notebook to take notes..."

So you go buy one but all are so big and don't fit inside your purse...

I know what is this that's why I created a solution!

Royal Fischer Journal

Awesome place for you to take notes of your thoughts, your time with God, notes in a meeting with a client or even when you are at the church service or a business conference.

Buy your today!

We have 4 different colors for you to choose one color per area Business, Finances, Spiritual, Studies, etc...


Royal Fischer Journal

SKU: 364115376135191
$15.00 Regular Price
$14.25Sale Price
  • Journal with Royal Fischer logo on the front and back cover sheet.

    Four different colors:

    Black; Green; Blue;  Red 

    70 pages

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