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"Architect of Successful Business"

     This is how a coach from Tony's Robbin team called me and showed me how I already use my background as an architect to create systems for companies and help CEOs and Business owners develop a method to scale their businesses with life-work balance.

     Architect, Real Estate, Business and Financial Coach. Specialist in company management, Leadership, and Behavior Profile Analysis.

     With my expertise in the four different professions and my experience of 16 years as a business owner, I have already helped almost 1000 business owners and entrepreneurs get out of the company's operational side and go to the strategic side.

     The method develops the company's four main "pillars" (areas), which decrease the turnover, save money, increase the revenue around four times in one year, and create a life-work balance for the whole company and more freedom for the CEO.


  • Life-changing agent and Architect of Successful Business with 16 years of experience in Business and Financial Administration as a Business Owner in Brazil and the USA.

  • Master Business Coach & Trainer Certified 

  • Behavioral Profile Analyst Certified 

  • Trainer at Chamber of Commerce LKLD - New Business 101 

  • Public Speaker Certified 

  • MBA specialist in Business Management and Leadership 

  • Specialist in International Properties – NAR/USA 

  • Realtor - BR 

  • Architect & Urban - BR  

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