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Have you ever gone to a restaurant with friends and needed to ask for a chair next you for the bags?

Have you ever gone to a meeting and needed to put your purse on the floor because there was no space to put the purse?

Thinking of you and your real identity as Royalty, I have the solution.

Stop to try to find a place to put your bag, take her closer to you and safe!

Here is the purse hook that you are looking for:

I am Royalty - Purse Hook 

That shows with confidence your identity as a woman and queen, as Royalty!


I am Royalty - Purse Hook

SKU: 364215375135191
$21.00 Regular Price
$19.95Sale Price
  • I am Royalty, laser engraved stainless steel purse hook.

     Folding handbag hanger, for table bag holder.

    Hook Length:85mm

    Diameter 34mm

    Weight: 60g

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