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The Visionary Entrepreneur

Are you a high-achieving entrepreneur in your prime years, running successful businesses with six to seven-digit revenues? We understand your unique challenges and aspirations.

You're a leader, communicator, and dreamer. Balancing your family and leaving a legacy are your priorities. You dream of expanding your business, enjoying quality time with loved ones, and gaining global recognition.

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Join our community of like-minded individuals who value family, networking, and collaboration. Discover the keys to business success while savoring life's finer pleasures: exquisite dining, noble experiences, theater, and travel.

It's time to unlock your true potential and soar in both business and life. Explore Business Accelerate Mentoring, connect with us, and let's journey together towards your dreams.

What Am I Going To Achieve?


Starting or Developing a business with a CEO Mindset thinking with strategy


Increasing sales and expanding without being employee of your own company


Positioning the business in the right market and with the right product & pricing create strategy

Helps you to Grow and Scale your Business with Strategy!

The Accelerate Method Work with Four Main Pillars of all businesses in 90 days, this allows the company:

✔ Align the business WHY with the owner's Business Strategy;

 Increase the Revenue 3 to 4 times creating a system that generates active, passive, and residual income.

✔ Conquer the work-life balance for the business owner and the team to enjoy time with your beloved ones.

✔ Build legacy for future generations.

It Is Your TIME To Grow And Scale With Strategy

3 Phases of The Program


Identity The first step is to know who you are, your strengthens and weaknesses, your leadership style, values and the map of abilities. For that we use the DISC Assessment with a full report and a exclusive report session.

Your WHY The second step after knowing your Identity is to know your WHY, what moves and motivates you.

Mission-Vision-Value The third step is, now that you know your why, your purpose, what is your vision? Define a clear vision of the future. Align the vision with your values. With that you draw your mission, because the
mission will point the direction and bring people to follow your vision.

Inside Out

Strategic Business Plan The Strategic Business Plan is developed from the vision of the future, and based on the mission and values. With the strategic Plan from the vision 5 years, we are able to develop the short term plan, 3 years and the next step 1 year plan.

Structure of the Business On this phase we will structure the business based on the Strategic Plan. Define departments and positions following the organization pyramid structure Operational - Tactical - Strategic

Product and Price This phase based on the Vision and the strategic Plan we will review the products and services, review the financial goals and redefine price and value using the 20-80 rule.


Business To Others

Marketing Strategy Now it is time to position yourself to the world and announce your vision, mission, values, Why in a Marketing Strategy. Definition of Position in the market.

Sales Strategy On this phase we will work Sales Strategy and system to open cold market and reach out warm market.

Meet Your Mentor

"Architect of Successful Business"

Our Customer Success

William Butler - Brothers in Arms.jpg

What to say to "Accelerate" Kelly? Business Mentor, Kelly Lopes Fischer is ahead of her time.

Brothers in Arms testimonial - William Butler

We are a new company lingering in the adolescence stage or early growth stage. The last thing on our list, we quickly learned should have been our first.
In hiring Kelly Lopes Fischer, our business mentor, she has allowed us to focus on the big picture. Opening new opportunities and connections, supplies reassurance and inspiration, helps us to focus on goal setting and identify growth opportunities, navigate challenges and most importantly stay on track.
Kelly has given such insight into our personal-selves as well as our business—Brothers in Arms Multi-Services Group.

Image by Patrick Perkins
Image by Razvan Chisu

The unique way she determines our business DNA, the forward thinking of her mind is powerful and second to none. She has a heart to push your life toward success and she lifts you and your team up to what is seemingly out of our reach in your everyday work.
If success is what you are after, Kelly Lopes Fischer and her Accelerate program is worth every penny spent thus far and we still have 8 weeks to go.
Thank you, Kelly, for developing such a program that is suitable for all businesses, not any one specific.
From all of us here at Brothers in Arms multi-services group we thank you so very much for everything you're doing Kelly Fischer”


Jeff B.

"You have to be willing to listen and make changes. Is hard to change old habits, but if you don’t adapt your business to grow and sustain growth. Failures like Blockbuster will happen. I highly recommend her services. She has a solid background in Real estate, Architecture, and public relations."


Neil S.

"Kelly did assessments and consultations with our entire team. She pointed out our unique personality traits and suggested ways we might enhance communication and collaboration. The entire experience was very positive insightful, affirming, and actionable."

Marlon Lynn Architect PA

From a small company with demotivated team to a respected company in the county in only 8 months with a new and engaged team, increasing sales with 7 figures contracts.


Valeria M.

"Thank you for all the time and effort that you
have put into coaching me and Michelle. It was only due to your coaching and you never
giving up on us that @spirit_of_samba today is the best entertainment company in central
Florida. #gratidão" 

Spirit of Samba Entertainment Company

From 3 people, no profit and 1 dance style, to 20 people on the team, 5 dance styles, 4 times increase sales and profit in 6 months with work-life balance.


We'll Personally Work With You To Help Ensure Your Success

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