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ROYAL FISCHER Business Solutions

Think Strategic, Think Successful, Think Legacy - Think Royal Fischer. 



Royal Fischer is a company created to bring business mentoring, coaching, and training to Business Owners/ CEOs.


We specialized to bring strategy to business owners that don't have time to stop their lives to learn about how to structure and organize a business, and don't have time to stop their lives to learn with college, or MBA program, and don't have the money to hire a specialist to run their businesses.


They have the area of expertise, and the passion to help people through their businesses but are trapped in the day-to-day operations. 


This is the moment we help them to work ON the business again.
Awakening the passion that made them start the business, working business strategies divided into three main pillars:


1- I Business: Working the business owner mindset
2- Inside Out: The structure of the organization
3- Business to Others: Positioning the company in the market creates branding visibility.


All three pillars aligned with the main strategy, YOU who you are, your identity, and your WHY.


This allows you to scale and grow your business 3 to 4x your revenue in one year with work-life balance for you to enjoy yourself and your family leaving a legacy for future generations and your city.


Would you like to know more about it?


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"I want to publicly thank Kelly Fischer here.

Every day with her has been like jumping a step further... after each session, I spend a couple of days internalizing everything.  

I can't even eat. Kelly thank you!

You've been giving me keys 🔑 that have opened doors I didn't even know existed.


High performance defines me after you, Kelly Fischer! Gratitude, Gratitude!"

Simone R. - Spain

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"Strategic Session for my business. I love the approach and methodology of Kelly Fischer Coach. There was a huge moment when I saw why I couldn't really progress in my business. Just what I need it.

Clarity through the process.

I appreciate you guys. Thank you!!!"

Priscila S. - US

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 "Kelly, did an amazing job explaining my strengths and weaknesses.

I feel like I have a better understanding of how to overcome difficult obstacles are arise.

Would recommend her 10/10."

Sami W. - US

Kelly is an amazing human being!

She is passionate, energetic, and driven to make your business a success story.

She is the first one to introduce me to a professional team behavior analysis. This was an awesome opportunity to understand our group's strengths and weaknesses.

The report is just a report, but what you

do with this new knowledge and her recommendations are key to your

potential growth.

You have to be willing to listen and make changes. Is hard to change old habits, but if you don’t adapt your business to grow and sustain growth. Failures like Blockbuster will happen. I highly recommend her services.

She has a solid background in Real estate, Architecture, and public relations.

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"Kelly did assessments and consultations with our entire team. She pointed out our unique personality traits and suggested ways we might enhance communication and collaboration. The entire experience was very positive—insightful, affirming, and actionable."

Neil S. - US

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"Kelly Fischer helped us identify our "Why" as the foundation for our "house," and pointed out the foundation phase is the longest and most important when building a structure.

Business is about people and companies hire on resume and fire on behaviors. Resumes are important, but our behaviors and emotional intelligence will make the difference." -

 "I loved how you pointed out that business is truly about people.  I felt like it was very easy to connect with you, and you gave a great message of hope! 

Thanks for being vulnerable and inspiring

all of us to find our why."

David O. - US

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"I have been influenced by you Kelly since the first day that we met.

The things that you are working on with us, with Business Coaching I am using for my life and personal goals. Thank you, Kelly Lopes. (2019)" -

"Thank you for all the time and effort that you have put into coaching me and Michelle. It was only due to your coaching and you never giving up on us that @spirit_of_samba today is the best entertainment company in central Florida#gratidão" (2022)

Valeria M. - US

"I was skeptical and always thought that I did not need this type of service. But, after participating in this training,

I am kicking myself for not doing this years ago. What an amazing experience it was! Now, I feel much better equipped to manage not only my business but life in general."

Andrea H. - US

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"It's always nice to be with Kelly. I know how important it is to have a coach because all our decisions are emotional, and if we want to make the best decisions for our business, having a business coach is essential for those who want to achieve their goals faster.

In this mentoring, I had several insights and made a decision that is already underway. I am an architect specializing in Neurosciences Applied to Architecture and intend to work in the corporate environment. Kelly guided me to create authority through lectures and mentoring, educating this audience and raising awareness of its importance, how to show the numbers and the possible increase in a company's profits when making a project based on techniques that promote the well-being of the employees, who will become more productive for the company."

Ivinara F. - US

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